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Value creation through innovation

UD Ventures is a Dutch based business deveopment firm that supports clients in creating more value from innovation. We are a group of experienced business developers and entrepreneurs with a strong background in science, technology & innovation. Our services focus on turning great innovative ideas into reality – creating new products, businesses and ventures.

Ugly Duck Ventures

UD Ventures is a Dutch business development firm that guides organizations towards more successes, returns and value from innovation and new technology.

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Our Team

The team of UDV are skilled professionals with an excessive interest and experience in technology innovations. Core team is made up of a group of Dutch tech entrepreneurs.

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Companies with R&D activities are our primary clients, but we also enjoy working for universities, research institutes, investors, public-private innovation initiatives and other organizations.

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UDV-Marevisie Workshop Lean Innovation

Seminars, network and other interesting events

UDV organized together with Marevisie an innovation workshop and started to cooperate much closer – project management in nuclear (medical) industry, sustainability and other sectors. See www.marevisie.nl.

We planned to organize more seminars and network events like we did over the past years. Please, contact us when you have great ideas or interesting topics we should address for these events.


Some Latest Developments

Innovation Labs Don’t Work

It appears to be a very exciting period for the UDV team and our clients. New venturing activities, lean startup introduction in more conservative industrial markets, new high-tech projects and so on. Follow us also on LinkedIn and other media.

Andy Howard: “Why do innovation labs fail? Firms aren’t creating innovation labs for the right reasons. ‘Innovation theatre’ is all most innovation labs amount to. These ‘labs’ temporarily keep the board and shareholders appeased, and provide an answer to “what are you doing about innovation?” until they fall apart.” Interesting paper !


UDV New Activties

Seminar Lean Startup

October. UDV has widened its scope towards innovation consultancy and introduced the “lean entrepreneur” concept for innovation project duties. See our new website sections for more details. .

September. We organized in cooperation with Sping a very interesting Lean Startup seminar. Speakers addressed the principles in a very enthusiastic way and a Philips representative elaborated how they have implemented it in their company.