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Meet the Team


Hans R. Poolman

Partner, Business Developer


Phone number:
+31 6 15549726

Hans Roeland Poolman LinkedIn

PhD in Physics and MSc in Management & Finance (Cum Laude). Project & finance manager at Lucent Technologies, VP Finance at All Options, Co-founder of seed VC and several startups, business developer, innovation manager, business coach and entrepreneur.


Hans Roeland Poolman is an assertive and curious business developer and innovation manager who gets excited when building or joining a team to transform advanced technology into something that customers want.

Hans Roeland’s background as an experimental physicist is combined with a strong drive and focus on results and details without losing sight of the big picture and the bottom line. An enthusiastic self-starter and a team player that enjoys when each player can contribute to the maximum of her/his potential. Always with the objective to learn from his team members and eager to empower them.

Roles and Sectors

  • Sales & Business Development for advanced technology firms
  • Innovation Management and Customer Development
  • Project and Finance Management, Strategy Consultancy
  • Sectors include: Hightech, Telecom, Analytical Science, Information Services, Industry

Paul Plazier

Partner, Business Developer


Phone number:
+31 6 37005573

Paul Plazier LinkedIn

MSc in Mechanical Engineering. Former manager innovation at multinational Spie. Business developer that excels in product development. Experience in technology venturing.


Paul Plazier for simplicity. This characterizes the power of a development for him. As a mechanical engineer, he is very well able to appreciate technical innovations. His creativity and desire to innovate gives him the ability to see easily new applications for developments. With this he manages to keep the finances in order since commercial responsibility is always a priority. He develops in an iterative and agile way. He creates a broad basis and limited financial impact on the organization by a rapid deployment. His pragmatic approach made him put many products and services on the market by governments, SMEs and multinationals.

Roles and Sectors

  • Business Development
  • (Agile) Product Development
  • Project Management
  • Sectors: IT, process industry, utilities, public sector, manufacturing

Jan Pieter Fortuin

Partner, Business Developer


Phone number:
+31 6 53799693

Jan Pieter Fortuin LinkedIn

MSc in Physics. Management positions at AkzoNobel and Albemarle. Director and Fund Manager at Van Diepen (Family Office/International Investment Fund).


In his career Jan Pieter has hold various management positions at chemical companies AkzoNobel and Albermarle. Also he has been responsible for new business activities including scaling up of technology towards full scale operating plants. These are rare competences and are of great value for UDV. Especially in our venturing activities. As investment manager Jan Pieter has widened his scope in various markets including that of ship building and logistics. He has always had a strong interest in technology and innovations which is the reason of joining UDV. Strong network in industry and the private equity sector.

Roles and Sectors

  • Business Development and Venturing
  • Investment Management
  • Management and Supervisory Boards
  • Sectors include: Chemistry, Process Technology, Catalyst, Hightech, Logistics

Harry Shea

Partner, Business Developer USA Office


Phone number:
+1 720 261 4775

Harry J. Shea 

Loyola University of Chicago, Finance; Crosby Quality College. Seasoned sales and marketing executive whose success has been achieved through effective planning with an instinct for what sells.


Harry’s career embodies the lean management approach having worked for closely held companies over twenty years where leveraging resources and working with a sense of urgency resonated daily. Harry’s career experience includes launching numerous new products, launching a new start-up company as well as leading two acquisitions which were merged into one stand-alone company where he served as President. Harry has an great interest in new business. He is responsible for the activities in the USA and Canada.

Roles and Sectors

  • Business Development
  • B2B Sales and Marketing
  • Market expansion of EU companies to the USA and Canada
  • Sectors: industry, food, building, technology, manufacturing, service industry.


Peter Westerhuijs

Partner, Business Developer


Phone number:
+31 6 53291279

Peter Westerhuijs LinkedIn

PhD in Physics, MBA and CMA. Business developer and technology entrepreneur. About 15 start-ups, couple of exits.


Peter Westerhuijs is an enthusiastic business developer who knows how to get early technological innovations to the market. As a physicist he possesses an in-depth feeling for technology. He enjoys spotting business opportunities – in which he exploits the wide expert network of UDV. Possibly of even greater value are his well-developed entrepreneurial and commercial skills needed to create real successes. Important to build new ventures and agile product innovation.  Pragmatic business attitude – ensuring that adoptive plans are carried out and that the right actions take place at the right time. Motivating teams to outperform their expectations. Able to organize funding and achieve strategic partnerships. And most of all, realize the first commercial successes even when the product is still in its early phase.

Roles and Sectors

  • Business Development and Venturing, assignments for multinationals and universities
  • Technology transfer research and academia, venture building
  • Project and Complex Bid Management, Management Consultancy
  • Sectors include: Hightech, deeptech, IT, internet, telecom, biotech, cleantech and chemistry.


Business Developers

The team of UDV are business developers with a strong track record in entrepreneurship, multinationals and/or investments.

We are always looking for new colleagues. Please contact us when you like our profile and think you will fit in our team.


Henk Jan Witteveen

Associate / Specialist Customer Focus and Innovation

Consultant Advieswereld

MSc Economy



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