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About UDV

UD Ventures (UDV) – a business development firm

We are a group of business developers and entrepreneurs and started UDV with the aim to help organizations to generate more value with innovation. Key element in creating successes for our clients is that we combine well-developed professional skills and deep technology knowledge with a strong entrepreneurial drive and focus.

What we do – innovation support

Like other leading consultancies in this field, we are able to support clients with their innovative initiatives and challenges in all aspects, ranging from strategic planning towards actual launching of new products and starting new ventures.

Yet, our distinguishing strength is that we add a very entrepreneurial business development approach to it. Pro-active, agile and able to improvise quickly to keep traction.

Also, this approach and attitude make us very effective in supporting clients with the management of the “outside world”, aligning the goals and interests of companies, investors, clients, research institutes, public- and other organizations in order to realize results.

Team of UDV

  • Masters/PhD’s in Science and Technology.
  • Broad range of innovation and business development skills.
  • Corporate experience include – KPN, Shell, AkzoNobel and Lucent.
  • Created more than 30 new ventures.
  • Fascination for technology and entrepreneurship.
  • See Team

We always tailor our teams to our client challenges and are able to build multidisciplinary teams using our own resources and that of our partners.


Clients include: tech companies and multinationals, universities, research institutes, investors and public organizations. See references.