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Management Consulting

Innovation strategy, organization and decision making

At the end of 2015 we decided to include consultancy activities as part of our product offering. Clients are frequently asking us to help with their innovation processes and strategy. For example, to help designing a better innovation organization, to investigate the merits of innovation methods like Lean Startup for your organization, to assist in decision making whether particular innovations are core or non-core and to determine the best go-to-market strategy for your new product. It includes all kind of the more basic strategy consultancy work like business/financial planning, business modelling, market studies, 2nd opinions, feasibility studies, technology assessment & selection, and so on.

Also public organizations and Universities are more often asking our assistance and advice. We are glad to help all these organizations with their challenges.

Innovation Consultancy

Improve your innovation and get your organization more entrepreneurial.

Our inspiring consultants help organizations to improve their innovation processes and culture. We introduce and implement new innovation methods and constantly try to tweak innovation methods to make them useful in the context of large organizations. Especially, as entrepreneurs, we are very much inspired by Lean Startup method of Eric Ries. Or to put it in other words, Lean Startup is in our DNA. We make people more entrepreneurial and help to introduce innovation habits within your large organisation by providing training sessions or workshops. In general, we love to pull people out of their comfort zone!

Impression of our activities:

  • Inspiring lectures
  • Introducing modern methods like design thinking and lean startup
  • Training, workshops & coaching
  • Canvas/business planning
  • Accelerator programs and support
  • Culture change – get an entrepreneurial mindset

UDV cooperates with outstanding innovation specialists and will manage and allocate the right team for your particular challenge.