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UDV Business Development

Executing your plans

The focus of our hands-on business development activities is to help clients to execute their launch of new innovations into the market. Depending on the go-to-market strategy our contribution differs very much. Some other UDV business development activities are often innovation related like the the preparation and management of public-private partnerships, investment management, technology transfer at Universities or the sales of IP/technology of non-core technology.

Our strength is that UDV’s core team consists primarily of business developers with both an entrepreneurial as well as a strong track record in corporate environment.

See right an impression of UDV business development and below some of our special propositions and services.


Impression of our business development activities:

  • implementing new business/products/sevices
  • establishing and building new ventures
  • turning science into business
  • attracting launching customers
  • customer development
  • creating strategic partnerships
  • creating public-private partnerships
  • investment services
  • financial resources

UDV Special Propositions and Services

Rapid Prototyping and Pilots

Our close ties with Sping and Sping Smart means that we are able to build prototypes and to start pilot projects with clients in the field of (mobile) internet, IT and Internet of Things. See Sping.

Public Sector

Public organizations are often involved in stimulating innovations, entrepreneurship and new economic activities. We can help these organizations realizing their goals. In particular our strong network in industry and science is useful. Our entrepreneurial background and project management skills guarantee acceleration of clients’ activities.

UDV 5 Days Strategy Workout

A powerful pressure cooker approach to define a business case and to develop a sound strategy quickly. A McKinsey based concept developed together with a former experienced consultant of this firm. He manages the client assignments as well.

UDV Consultancy

UDV performs a range of consultancy services in the field of innovation and new business. In the preparation phase it is all related to business planning and in the implementation phase we are eager to take responsibility in project management type of roles.

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USA and Canada

The importance of the USA in technology innovations is obvious and to enhance our UDV operations we have opened offices in the USA and Canada recently.

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Complex Bid Management

For our clients we regularly carry out complex bid management assignments. Complex in terms of consortia building, propositions, value and technology. Typical markets: IT, telecom and innovative products.

Lean Product Development

We apply a modern Lean Product Development/ Lean Startup Approach, meaning we believe in small interactive product development steps and that innovations should be exposed as quickly as possible to the market.

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